Development of Desires

420.06Question: Where does the force of life come from?

Answer: There are two forces in nature: the force of bestowal and love and opposite to it the force of reception, absorption, and consumption.

All parts of nature are built only with the force of consumption for themselves, for their own sake, depending on the size of desire. There are objects with a great desire. They consume more, bring that which they desire more closely to themselves and push the harmful out of themselves more strongly. Useful or harmful, this is how the force of desire in each object of nature is determined.

Therefore, if we see inanimate objects whose desire is very small; their entire concern is only to keep themselves in a certain state so that crystal lattices or molecules hold together.

If there is a bigger desire in an object, then it develops other forms of life in itself; it does not just preserve its structure, but wants to attract useful things to itself and push out harmful ones. It becomes a plant, which consumes and emits.

If the desire is even bigger, then this object acquires an animal form. It already can move to find the best opportunities to consume and get rid of something for itself. It has the ability to give birth, that is, to develop itself in the next forms.

The biggest desire in objects is the human. It not only has the ability to consume and emit like a plant, move and give birth like an animal, but feels himself relative to the past, the future, and relative to others.

He develops envy, pride, and the desire for power and fame. Moreover, he compares himself with all previous generations, and this develops his desire. We see that as soon as a person is born, he immediately begins to develop.

He looks at others and with the help of envy, jealousy, and pride absorbs their desires from them. Therefore, his egoism develops all the time. An animal develops to a certain limit and that’s it. It is engaged only in providing itself with shelter and offspring, and nothing else.

Meaning, an animal acts on the basis of the instincts of a developing, but constant desire. In humans, however, this desire develops infinitely due to the environment, which bothers him all the time.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Does the Creator exist?” 5/9/11

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