Invincible Heroes

507.05Question: Pavel writes to you: “Today people are saying, ‘Do you remember the pandemic? Those were the good old days.’ What awaits us, Dr. Laitman?”

Answer: I am not a doctor of medicine, but I am, to a certain degree, a doctor who treats a man within a human. One who cures.

I would say that a long and difficult period of recovery awaits us. However, recovery is impossible without feeling the illness; otherwise, the patient resists and does not want any medications and treatment.

Therefore, precisely those who advocate the fact that they are absolutely healthy: “We are invincible heroes,” and so on, these are the most ill people. Let’s hope that gradually this will all become clear. We will help them with this. They will see how much they are deceiving themselves and trying to deceive others. But in general, of course, this period, I hope, is beginning to be more or less obvious to many, not to everyone yet, but to many.

Question: As a doctor, you say to the question “What awaits us, Dr. Laitman?” that we will feel that we are ill. Is this the main thing that awaits us?

Answer: Yes, this is the main thing.

Question: Do you transfer this to the entire humanity or to individuals?

Answer: Starting with the most severe cases who are those that  are not aware that they are ill. They are not aware to such an extent that they are still trying to lead all of humanity, to show them the way forward.

Question: Do you think it will start with them?

Answer: No, it will start, not with them, but they are the most serious cases in the ward. It will start with the mildly impaired patients, who will feel that they are ill in some way, and that this does not give them the opportunity to live well.

Question: What kind of illness will we feel? What are we ill with?

Answer: We are ill because we cannot distinguish good from evil and cannot accumulate the good in ourselves, integrate the good, so that it slowly, gradually covers the evil. This is a very difficult path.

Question: Does it mean that we will be looking for this good, that we should take like a pill to feel that we are complete egoists?

Answer: This is what will be considered evil. Because with our sufferings today, we are already inviting such an illumination of good light upon us, which can reveal where in fact our evil is within us.

Comment: This is the most important thing. You lead us to it all the time so that a person would suddenly see himself in this way: angry, bad, no good. You used to say the opposite: you still have this and that in you, you can.

My Response: This is there just to get started. But who are you? This is an absolute evil. But there is a spark that will lead you. We need to inflate it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/28/22

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