A Forecast For 2022

527.11The year 2021 is ending. We are on the threshold of 2022, and everyone wants to know what the New Year will bring. Will we have respite from the problems that have befallen us recently?

The year 2021 made a huge gap in the lives of many people, brought fears, uncertainty, catastrophic changes in nature, the economy, health, and all areas of life. How can you turn all these changes to a point that will bring new life?

We must understand that if we want to turn the course of development and direct it to a new course, we must perceive everything that happens as yearning for connection with each other. Overcoming all the problems and all the troubles that weigh down on our lives is only possible if we are more and more united. And then we will see that this is a universal solution to all possible problems.

If we feel closer and help each other, stop hatred and wars, do everything to be together as one man with one heart, then we will come out of all adversity and problems with a big win.

You simply have to go and do it. I do not know of a single technique, religion, or faith from ancient times to the present day that call for anything else. We need to realize what so many people, prophets, great personalities, and spiritual leaders have talked about throughout the history of mankind. If we do this, we will surely have a good life.

There is abundance in our world; there is no shortage of anything, but we take natural resources, water, and air from the earth and turn it all into poison because we use everything only for the sake of someone’s profit, weapons, and enmity. We must change our attitude toward nature, toward society. If each of us wants this, then we will oblige the world leaders to it—even those who are against it.

Today’s reality seems extremely complex. What can you expect from 2022? If we do not change this state, it will be even worse. Unfortunately, I do not see any other prospects yet. Despite the fact that mankind is getting smarter year after year in engineering, technology, and modern medicine, we do not know how to use all of this correctly for the life of an ordinary person. This is the problem.

And all this is because we are not fixing relationships between people. It turns out that everyone feels like an individualist, separated from others, and not indebted to them. And although the world’s population has grown to several billion people, everyone suffers only because of that.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer predicts that we will have to fight the coronavirus epidemic until 2024. What then can be expected in 2022 if we take into account the additional problems from climate change, the collapse of economy and all areas of life in the world? All these problems will continue: natural disasters, volcanic explosions, earthquakes, and extreme global warming that we are causing.

This global warming is freeing all kinds of harmful viruses from the earth, many of which will be very difficult for us to fight, if we can at all. All this is on the horizon, but we can undo all this and prevent these problems. However, the solution lies not in the field of technology, medicine, or pharmaceuticals, but only in the field of human relations.

By correcting relations between common people and countries, we have the opportunity to stop all harmful viruses: both known and not yet known and leave them in place where they are now, not letting them appear, develop, multiply, and enter us. It all depends only on the relationship between people.

One can ask: “What is the connection between the economy, climate, and human relations?” The fact is that man is at the highest level of everything that exists in nature, of all its levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. And even more so when humanity reaches a high level of development as it did at the end of the 20th and 21st century.

We can do everything! We have high technologies, powerful weapons, and modern medicine. But in relations between people, we are in a much worse condition than the most primitive people who lived thousands of years ago. And we need to improve this area.
From KabTV’s “World” 12/21/21

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