Protection from Superstition

962.2Question: People have been looking for effective ways to increase luck in their lives for centuries. Often they use various lucky charms, amulets, or stones because they believe they bring good luck.

To this day, people believe in all kinds of superstitions: knocking on wood, the number “13,” a black cat, and so on. According to surveys, 70% to 80% of people prefer not to face these events.

In principle, superstition is an attempt by people to somehow control or enhance this elusive factor called “luck.” How do you feel about superstitions?

Answer: Luck is indeed a somewhat elusive factor. But the impact on luck is not in running away from the number “13,” black cats and something else, but in bringing luck closer with your actions.

That is, by kind actions toward others, we can bring luck closer. With them, we create a positive field around ourselves, an absolutely physical parameter. And then luck will favor us or will approach us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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