Paranormal Activities Are Products Of The Imagination

Kabbalah and the Earthly SciencesQuestions I received on paranormal activities, the solar eclipse and if Kabbalists can choose to die:

Question: I was wondering, are there any ghosts? I have witnessed many paranormal activities and I wanted to know if this is all imaginary or if it has something to do with the spiritual world. Do these activities demonstrate that some people are closer to the spiritual world than others?

My Answer: These activities are all imaginary. Kabbalah is the method to realistically attain the Upper World by means of obtaining senses and qualities that match it.

Question: Superstition aside, why were so many people interested in the July 22 solar eclipse? What does this phenomenon reveal (if anything) about our perception of reality, and does it have any significance in Kabbalah?

My Answer: It’s not just superstition. It is a reflection of people’s fear of losing their life and entering the darkness in every way. This is because at the animate level, we perceive the sun as the source of everything!

Question: Could a Kabbalist die if he wanted to?

My Answer: He can’t and he wouldn’t want to, because this would take him away from his life’s mission.

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