What Is Life Wasted On?!

49.01Question: People without exception are busy with diets and all sorts of food values. Now there are a lot of forums that are fond of organic food and promote it. Why have we come to this state?

Answer: It serves us right! We must learn from our mistakes in order to return to normal living conditions. In the meantime, we see what’s going on. This is the method of Beito, with the stick to happiness, since we do not want to advance correctly.

We don’t want to engage in normal farming. Fifty percent of the food produced is thrown away, and fifty percent of the world’s population is malnourished. We are some kind of irrational creatures.

If you look at our Earth from the side, then humanity has come to absolute insanity over its many thousands of years of development and, of course, it looks just awful. People are engaged in exploiting themselves, making slaves of themselves.

And although they are dissatisfied with everything, they still continue to fiercely cling to their petty, mean existence, just to annoy each other, to show off in front of each other, to be no worse than others, to indulge their base aspirations for fame, nobility, and fake superiority.

What is life wasted on?! Life itself is also worthless! And what an end to it!

As a result, there is an accumulation of suffering, which should subsequently manifest itself. They accumulate, accumulate, and then come out. This is an accumulating process according to the rule of the system of nature, which “swallows and then regurgitates.”

Our egoism swallows everything into itself: our efforts, our helplessness, our unsolvable and unresolved problems, and then gives everything out, as if burping them. And then we see that we have come to a dead end, reached the bottom and are obliged to do something. This is how we develop.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Organic Food” 10/21/09

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