What Will The World Be Like In 2022?

3The forecast for 2022 depends entirely on the kind of relations we will have with each other. Man is at the very top of the ladder of all parts of reality: inanimate matter, plants, animals, and humans. Therefore, our behavior toward nature and with each other determines all the other lower levels.

Although it seems to us that our thoughts, desires, and relationships do not affect the levels of nature below us: the inanimate, vegetative, and animate, the fact is that we also determine our attitude toward the rest of nature through our egoistic relations with each other and we see the corresponding consequences in nature itself and how we are harming it.

There is no more harmful element than man in the world that damages all of nature. This is why we need to think about ways to change our attitude to the environment, the use of natural resources, and climate change. All this can be balanced by adjusting the relations between people.

We can do i; everything is in our hands. This is a very flexible way because we do not need to stop plants and factories. Let’s just relate to each other more kindly and obligate everyone to this because everyone understands that our world requires urgent change and healing.

If we do not do it, the world will be dying away year after year. We are depleting the natural resources of the Earth, taking the last of the oil, gas, and coal, polluting the oceans and sources of freshwater, and poisoning the air. We cannot go on like this. I do not belong to any society for the protection of the environment. I only say that the ecology and all other problems on Earth depend on the relationships between people. Let’s change this relationship and everything will change from that.

We are already in an economic crisis, and we can have other crises in addition to it: financial, industrial, family, international diplomatic crisis. There are many conflict points in the world  that could spark a world war. However, the relationship between people includes an attitude toward everything else. We need to correct man! I hope that in 2022 we will begin to understand this.

If humanity could look at itself in the mirror and see its internal relationships, we would simply shudder with horror. Everyone would look like an evil wolf or crocodile—just like in horror movies.

People do not believe that our relationships can be improved; they do not believe at all that it is possible to correct man. However, here is the method of Kabbalah. If we really feel how dependent we are on each other, how we are enslaved to our egoism, which controls us all the time to our detriment, and we start thinking about the way to escape from this slavery, we will be able to somewhat rise above ourselves a. Then our lives will change completely.

The problem is that people do not think this correction is possible because it does not come from nature. It is revealed only to a limited number of people that it is possible to rise above human egoism.

Besides, this method is special due to the fact that it cannot be implemented by one person but requires the support of many people around him.

Only by mutually supporting and helping each other can they rise above the egoism they were born into and grew up in. In this way they can overcome their egoism and see how the world changes if they look at it from the quality of bestowal instead of the quality of reception.
From KabTV’s “World” 12/21/21

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