Imbalance with Nature

220Question: You talk about a kind of global connection that thinking people detect and feel. Does this mean that if we don’t consciously reveal this connection, it is revealed by negative cataclysms, strikes, and perhaps even world wars?

Answer: That is absolutely right. Exactly! If we do not want to go the right way and act in unison, in harmony, in balance, with nature, then nature shows us the opposite.

In other words, the same formula is satisfied, only we participate in it as a negative element. All we had to do in nature was to come to balance with it. And now we are reaping the fruits of this imbalance in the form of all kinds of cataclysms.

It’s the same with a child: If he behaves well, his parents also treat him well, if he behaves badly, then his parents treat him badly. In fact, they treat him normally, it’s just that the correction of nature is set up that way.

Nature does not have any defined scheme. It has an absolutely clear system, and it is unchangeable. This is not some god who sits somewhere in the sky and commands as he wants, but a huge universal formula for global balance.

And we are getting more and more out of this balance. As we develop, we increasingly violate nature and our attitude toward it. Therefore, it naturally treats us the opposite way. We put ourselves in opposition to it, and we feel this opposition as all sorts of crises and problems.

People should understand that they need not suppress each other, but they need to start working with each other in real unity where not just borders between countries, but also all differences between people are canceled, when they begin to strive for connections with each other, try to eliminate all kinds of cultural and ethnic contradictions separating them, to reach mutual understanding that we are all one humanity, one Babylon, and we must come to mutual support, brotherhood, and mutual concessions.

Question: You are not talking about some external declarations that are fixed on paper and carry nothing internally, but about an internal message?

Answer: Not about the message, but about the realization of our inner connection, when it will be felt by the common nature. Only then will we get rid of all the problems that we cause by our imbalance with nature.

By hating others, I evoke a negative reaction from nature. It seems to us, what difference does it make if I hate someone or I have a conflict with someone. But by this I cause a negative reaction of nature on myself and on the rest of the world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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