The Question that Needs to Be Solved

182.02Question: Today they write a lot about such a phenomenon as “the end of the world.” Not in the sense that we will cease to exist but as the beginning of a certain period where you do not know what to do. What is this stage in the development of mankind?

Answer: It is a wonderful stage!

We were born and live now in a period when the first generation was born in our world that really got off the trees, not because we have developed technologically and are able to make all kinds of cars, locomotives, and airplanes, but because we have come to a state where we have to decide why we have appeared on this globe at all, what we should do on it, and how to truly realize ourselves.

Such a monkey appeared, developed into a little man, looked around, and thought: “And what am I for?” It looked around a bit more, saw all this: “Well, okay. And what’s next?”

Today we are coming very close to this issue in our historical development: “Why did we appear? We climbed down from trees and developed technology and social structure. What’s next? Does man have some higher purpose?”

Of course, this is not a simple question. Until it cuts through humanity, until it is realized from within that this is precisely what we are asking, that this question is a challenge that nature poses to us so that we realize and in the end give ourselves an answer or at least begin to look for an answer to the question of the meaning of life. This is a very special moment, and this generation—it is special too.

So, it is searching, without understanding why and how, trying to solve all these issues either through terror, drugs, divorce, all kinds of searches, adventures, or space, no matter what. These attempts, everything we do is practically a search for an answer about the meaning of life.

Let’s say I am heading somewhere. We see that all space programs are being curtailed: “Well, what will we find there? Stones. Nothing else.” And what will we find in some technological developments? Or in culture? We once thought that with the help of culture we would develop ourselves. And all of a sudden, they were exhausted. In the 19th century this practically ended.

The 20th century came, the century of technology: nano-technologies, computers, everything. Today we are coming to a state where the Internet connects everyone together, and we suddenly see that we are working with a machine, that is what is interesting. A person begins to discover that his connection is mainly with machines even if he communicates with other people through them.

These are machine responses, this is automation, and there is nothing here. A person wants to go out somewhere, to escape! But in which direction can he go?

And if not, then again: back to drugs, to some kind of reassurance, just to forget. Why are sport games so developed today? All governments want to shift the attention of the masses to football and other games. Occupy people! The main thing is to forget yourself. That is why such a large number of media outlets are aimed at this.

And if you look ahead, the development of technology does not stop, and billions more unemployed people will appear in the world, not millions, but billions of people with good qualifications who can do everything. And what to do?

With the help of new technologies, we will soon come to a state where 5% of the world’s population will be able to provide for everyone else. What is next? Overabundance on one hand. The lack of distribution on the other.

In general, we are in a state of misunderstanding the meaning of life. That is the most important thing we need to answer.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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