Rational Judaism

545In Judaism there was no culture of huge mass events and shows because everything was aimed at the inner work of man. He had to deepen internally, connect internally with others, not externally.

There was no theater, shows, circus, stadiums, or human performances in front of a huge audience. There was no such concept at all. All this came to us from Ancient Rome.

The Greeks, and then the Romans, having captured Jerusalem, built stadiums there, an amphitheater in Caesarea, and so on. But this has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism.

Judaism never followed this path. There was an opportunity to build anything. But this is not in the nature of the ideology itself, which is aimed at the inner development of a person.

Therefore, there was no painting or even special music, but only one that is aimed at deepening within oneself, perceiving the world through oneself. There are no statues, external decorations, special clothes, special ornaments, or any kind of architecture. Nothing! Everything is as simplistic as possible, outwardly very rational.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Features of Judaism” 5/22/14

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