A Total Crisis

272Comment: According to economists, the impending crisis was anticipated by a number of American investment bankers, but they did not take any measures that could mitigate its consequences. Moreover, some of them openly tried to use the upcoming problems for their personal interests.

My Response: Of course! We cannot demand any other actions from people. Anyone in the world that sees that some kind of trouble or catastrophe is coming, but at the same time that some benefit can be drawn from it, will try to draw it. This is a natural impulse of our nature.

Therefore, you can’t blame them for this! And you can’t demand anything else from them. The smallest or biggest person in their place would have done the same. It’s just that people are envious that some were able to do something and the others were not.

We need to think about something else: “Where did the crisis come from? What can we do? What will happen in the future? Did it pass or not?” These are all absolutely open questions.

Naturally we are in a crisis. Gradually, it will nevertheless manifest itself despite the fact that we are trying to smooth it out in some way. But that’s not possible. Unemployment will rise and despite printing money and selling gold reserves, nothing will change.

Humanity will still find itself in a huge global crisis. This is not some kind of isolated crisis, but a universal one, a total crisis. It captures absolutely all manifestations of human society and all our activities.

Question: In some European countries, it is possible to receive unemployment benefits and not work, and then the country does not know what to do with these people because they get used to it and of course no longer want to work. Who is to blame here?

Answer: Of course, giving a person some benefits for free means educating them incorrectly. This is not how we should act in our society.

From the point of view of Kabbalah, this is a wrong approach to humanity, the world, and society. Each of us must have a balance between receiving and giving.

Such politics of governments regarding the reception of immigrants will bring these countries closer to the crisis even faster. But they can’t do it any other way! That’s the way society works.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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