Scholarship Instead Of Welfare For Unemployment, Part 1

laitman_220Question: One of the problems of the modern world is mass unemployment. Thanks to the development of newest technology, the job market is going through significant changes. Slowly all professions will become unnecessary: computers will replace human beings at the workplace.

How do you feel about the implementation of universal basic income independent of whether an individual is working or not, which is being discussed all over the world and is already being introduced in several countries?

Answer: Sooner or later, based on the prognosis, and as soon as in a few years, the world with come to the end of its egoistic development. The end of the development of egoism is demonstrated by the elite taking 99.9% of all money for itself, leaving nothing for others. And in addition, the need for billions of people is also disappearing.

The elite no longer need them, but what is to be done with them? This is why, through the mass media, the masses are being persuaded to no longer desire to marry or have children; same-sex marriages are being advertised. But still, there is a need to somehow feed those who are still living, and that is why a decision is made to introduce guaranteed basic income.

That is, we see how capitalist countries are becoming almost socialist, since, excluding the financial elite, the rest of the government is becoming a system of welfare distribution. There is no way out, the population needs to be supported somehow. Even if they do not have work and have nothing to do, they still need to exist somehow.

I don’t know if these reforms will pass quietly and peacefully. Essentially, the money the elite have, they took from the people. And now they want to pay-off and return pitiful crumbs to the people? They will still be presented with a bill.

I have a great sense of foreboding in response to the possible development of events if the population is not given integral education and is not appeased. Even though calming them down can be done in various ways, perhaps the elite will decide to pass out narcotics so the people no longer need or demand anything.

Here arise such problems that eventually will still bring humanity to the need for correction, which is only possible through integral education. Even though, of course, it will not be easy to convince the elite of this.

It may be possible to begin in smaller countries by introducing integral education in some form: through educational facilities, systems of education for adults and senior citizens. And gradually develop this method of education until the entire society begins to feel what a huge benefit it brings.

Question: So you support the implementation of guaranteed base-level income?

Answer: I do not support it in the form in which it is now proposed. I would attach mandatory integral education to it. And this basic income would not be welfare benefit for the poor, but a scholarship payable to students. It should be received only by those who are enrolled in the course of study of integral education.

Question: How long will an individual be able to study and receive the scholarship?

Answer: Their entire life! In our global world, it is possible to pass such laws around the entire planet, so that not a single person could avoid them. We are talking about saving the world from a global catastrophe. Of course, it has not yet materialized and its development may still take several years, possibly being inherited by our children. But, it will inevitably happen. Already today, in Italy and Spain, the unemployment rate is about 30%.

Therefore, governments have no way out; they will have to begin introducing integral education. Otherwise, what will they do with the masses of unemployed people? They do not want to see their countries turn into wild jungles.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/16,Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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  1. Well..lets hope the “elite” show up for the integral education classes…..that might solve a large part of the problem. On the other hand perhaps they will be left alone with each other and the robots. That would be interesting.

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