Appreciate Spiritual Properties

527.03Comment: Wise people say that it is necessary to give, you have to restrict your desires.

My Response: And why don’t you do it? Because you don’t believe these wise people.

Comment: No, because it’s hard. We humans are trying to do this. Sometimes it works out to restrict our desires, in most cases not.

My Response: It is necessary, it is needed, it is profitable. But is this the task that we face in any case or can we avoid it? There are a lot of questions here. Why do I want to change myself, change my nature? What does it give me in the end?

Comment: Revelation of the spiritual world.

My Response: What does revelation of the spiritual world mean? To reveal the quality of bestowal and love for everyone in oneself,  that’s what it means to reveal the spiritual world.

We reveal our world in our egoistic desire and what we observe around us, we see in this desire. Everything that enters me and fills my egoism is called “this world.” Whoever has more egoism feels this world as big. Whoever has a small one, like small children or animals, plants, etc., to this extent he feels this world. So the spiritual world is felt only in the quality of bestowal and love.

We need to think about it: “What will it give me?” I must, after all, learn to respect and appreciate the spiritual qualities, the qualities of bestowal and love. And if I really see that they are so important, necessary—not for me, but for the world, others, because I should not think about myself—then I will go for it.

Love is something that does not apply to me, but to others. I fill others with my good qualities, feelings, and desires if I want to do everything to make them feel good.

To love your neighbor means to make any person in the world your neighbor and give him even more than you give yourself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/16/21

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