Acquire The Nature Of The Creator

138Question: You often say that if a person asks for himself, by doing this he harms his soul. Is it worth asking the Creator to change my destiny?

Answer: What for? Behave as you should, try to be better and better, and then the Creator Himself will change everything. To the extent that you try to obey His rules, He will obey yours.

Question: Let’s say I made a choice and acquired the quality of the Creator, am I still under His power, in His qualities?

Answer: Not in His, but in your qualities. You take His nature. It becomes yours. In this case, you get your own power and the opportunity to realize yourself. And you are already under your own power, and not under His.

Having risen above the egoistic nature, you control your destiny with the help of the altruistic nature, and thus you exist eternally in the best condition.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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