A Spiritual Exercise

535.03Try to turn to the Creator with joy, because we are in the world created by Him and we have someone to turn to. To do this we need to step a little on our egoism that demands and demands all the time. We are constantly in sadness and dissatisfaction from this.

Stop crying to the Creator that He does not give fulfillment. On the contrary, if we can turn to Him, it is already a joy. And if I want to enjoy the opportunity to contact the Creator, then I will begin to receive this joy from the Creator because it will become the Kli that He can fill. It’s not just psychology; it’s a spiritual exercise that you have to work on all the time.

The Creator gives us this exercise so that we turn our relation away from ourselves toward the Creator. Instead of digging into myself and feeling sad that there is no fulfillment in my egoism, I turn to the Creator with joy, and this becomes my spiritual Kli.

It takes a person many years to accept this patent. But if he were to listen and follow this advice, he would immediately advance. Try to turn to the Creator in joy all day long.

Everyone has periods of sadness and doubt, which can sometimes last for several years. But as soon as a person realizes that he is turning to the Creator and therefore should be in joy all the time because he is facing an upper force, from this moment a new stage in his life begins. He has already reached contact with the Creator.

A person may not yet feel this contact, just like the embryo inside the mother is not aware of itself. But he is already entering the state of a spiritual embryo, and if he remains in joy despite everything that happens to him, it means that he rises above his egoism and passes through the border of restriction.

To achieve reaching out to the Creator with the desire to please Him, thinking not about what is happening inside me but about the Creator who is outside, this is the main revolution that we need to make. This is entering the border with the spiritual world.
From KabTV’s “A Talk at the Global Meal” 11/7/21

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