How A Person Becomes A Kabbalist

143Question: The psychologist in me tries to understand himself and others, to analyze and solve problems, to manage his feelings, and to change his attitude to reality. What does a Kabbalist try to do within himself?

Answer: A Kabbalist finds the sources of perception of the surrounding reality, its boundaries and, by working on himself, pushes these boundaries so far that he begins to see the upper force behind reality, the quality of bestowal and love, opposite to the quality of reception and rejection of everyone and everything, which is inherent in egoism.

In the fight between these two qualities, by preferring bestowal, love, and connection over the quality of separation, reception, and hatred at each stage of spiritual development, a person becomes a Kabbalist. He begins to act not for his own sake, not in order to fulfill his egoism, but for the sake of others, for the sake of spreading altruism.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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