Two Degrees: Creator And Creation

219.01Kabbalah says that if something has arisen, it is from some preliminary state when nothing has happened yet. This state is the initial one for everything that exists.

We can only say that there was an upper force from which everything then happened. This we can consider now.

In Kabbalah, the upper force is considered a quality of absolute bestowal. When we consider the actions of the Creator in relation to the creations, we come to the conclusion that He is absolutely kind and does only good. All His care, all His actions, are aimed at creating creations like Himself.

The Creator created the creation “out of nothing” because it was His desire.

The material of creation is the desire to receive. There is no such desire in the Creator Himself. By His desire to bestow, by His intention to create, He created the desire to receive, because that was what He lacked. But since He Himself does not have such a desire, it is therefore called “existence out of absence.” So the desire to receive arose from the Creator’s desire to bestow.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/19/21

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