Help, But Don’t Hold

962.6Question: If friends leave the ten, how can we build an attitude toward them? Can we pray for them? Or should we only focus on what we have now?

Answer: We must understand that as we develop spiritually there will always be people who will leave us because they will feel that it is no longer for them.

For example, I started elementary school, but not all 30 students who started first grade reached the tenth grade; many fell behind, left, etc. And then college—how many of them were admitted? And how many dropped out of college? And how many went to graduate school after college?

That is, the higher we go, the more dropouts we have. And each one of us has their own specific level. So don’t hold them back by force. It is necessary to create conditions for everyone to go forward, for support and help.

This is possible because the system is integral and can accept any person who is annulled toward it. I can just be a baby in the arms of other friends, like a small child in a family, but I am considered a member of the family because I annul myself toward them. This is how we should act.

However if a person feels that this is not for him, he does not want it, does not agree with us, he must be calmly released, and realize that along the way we will see many such cases, and this is inevitable.

And in the end he still took something from us. We must take into account the level of possibilities of everyone in this circuit.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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