Ascending Above Egoism

608.01Question: The power of bestowal is a characteristic of the Creator. There is a Kli (vessel) and there are Klipot (impure desires). The Klipot are egoism. What is the nature of the Kli?

Answer: The nature of the Kli is corrected egoism. There is no Kli in the beginning, there is solely and only egoism. What we can correct of it becomes a Kli, which is to say, a desire that resembles the Creator and is capable of bestowal, transcending itself.

These desires are revealed in us in ascents, in descents, sometimes they go away from us and sometimes they come closer to us, and so forth. We are dealing with them.

The group was given to us so that we can become trained in it and as much as we can, transcend our egoism. To the same extent that we can transcend ourselves, we begin to feel the Creator in us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/15/19

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