Do Stars Affect Our Destiny?

712.03Question: Do stars affect our destiny? If so, is it worth studying astrology or cosmology to somehow influence it?

Answer: There is no point. It is written, “You shall not act on the basis of omens or lucky hours.”

We need to have a correct attitude to our lives. Apart from getting closer to other people, apart from learning to behave correctly with each other according to spiritual laws, which are the laws of connection, love, and friendship, nothing will help us to improve our destiny, avoid world war, or get closer to a good future.

Question: If we live in a volume called nature, the universe, then is it not logical that the stars affect our body, our thinking? After all, we are created from the same matter, from atoms.

Answer: The fact is that a person has a soul. It is said that this is a part of the Creator above, which is within us. It is not subject to any changes and metamorphoses, to anything that happens in our world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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