Do Planets Control Our Fate?

712.03Question: Should I study sciences like astrology and the impact of the moon in order to plan the future?

Answer: Kabbalah teaches that celestial bodies and many other things are only indicators of the impact of the upper forces on us.

Certain forces control the motion of the planets and thus impact our fate. And we, by the movement of the planets, think that it is actually the force that influences us, let’s say, the moon. No. It is the upper force that controls the moon.

Therefore, by studying Kabbalah, we gain access to the real upper force that manages our fate and not the lifeless celestial bodies. By themselves, they do nothing.

It is said that Kabbalists are above the stars. That is, they deal with the source of the light, the upper force that manages the celestial and the earthly actions, objects and phenomena, and so it seems to us that they determine our fate. This mistake stems from the past and goes back to the Pharaohs with their pyramids and priests.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/28/19

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