What Helps To Uncover The Slant Serpent?

260.01The Book of Zohar: Concerning the verse, “Let there be light,” it is written in the books of The First that it is the Slant Serpent, who always moves in curves and brings curses to the world because he seduced Eve with the tree of knowledge.

Question: Why is it said that the Slant Serpent moves in curves?

Answer: Otherwise, it would not crawl into Adam and Eve. Through Eve, the serpent must crawl into Adam and thus perform its work so that the world becomes ready for correction. After all, before man was bitten by the snake, he was like an angel walking in the Garden of Eden.

There was nothing wrong with him, everything was fine. He played the lute there, listened to the singing of angels, and everything around was syrupy sweet.

In order to raise a person to the level of the Creator, it is necessary that he discovers serious, great egoism in himself, how much he is really poisoned by it, how much he is opposite to the Creator.

This analysis is done by the serpent. He reveals the egoism that is sitting in a person, but is not seen or felt, and therefore, he cannot correct himself. Thus, at the very beginning of creation, action with the serpent is necessary.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #16

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