How Do I Not Fall For The Tricks Of The “Serpent”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The moment you reach a group, you have no problem in nullifying yourself towards the friends because you see their greatness. And after this, when you are included in the group work and they begin to humble themselves toward you, then your “serpent” immediately raises its head and begins to whisper: “Look, you are just like them.” How is it possible to deal with it so as not to succumb to all its schemes?

Answer: First, don’t think that you can somehow win in this struggle or even to stop it; this is impossible. It is certainly possible to flee from it entirely. But the spiritual way amounts to this, that you must transform the evil “serpent” into the good “serpent,” that is, transform all of its poison into medicine.

In order to do this, we must create a relaxed and serene atmosphere between us so that it will be comfortable to think constantly about spiritual elevation. Around us there must be an atmosphere like this in which I feel very good: I don’t make an effort and I don’t get tired.

Suppose that we are in a convention now that is tiring and we are falling asleep in spite of it all, but it is necessary that we have a feeling of softness, freedom, warmth, and lightness.

All of this must be lifted, raised, entered into the heart, and not passed through the intellect. It is pleasant for me among the friends in the group; I don’t get tired and I feel much better myself than when I sit in the living room on the sofa. A state like this is what we must attain in a group. Incidentally, women can do very much for this.

Prepare tea, coffee, light refreshments, be concerned for each other, at least create a relaxed, calm environment because internally we are under much tension. Especially if I must monitor myself all the time about what I am thinking, how I evaluate my states, then it is necessary to do this in order to make work with my “serpent” easy. In fact, the group can neutralize it, put it to sleep so much so that it will be very easy to go forward.

If it is hard for you, you become tired, or you try to flee homeward; this is a sign that your relationships in the group are incorrect. If you are tired while you are in a lesson, this is a sign that you do not comprehend the material correctly; it is not clothed smoothly on your heart.

Furthermore, the conditions in a group and in a lesson must be close to the spiritual state. And the spiritual state is eternal, not because it is like this in itself, but because you want it to be eternal. Therefore, it is up to us to yearn for our mutual relationships to these states, where you want them not to end, like a meeting with your girlfriend who gives a sensation of brightness, love, reciprocity, and warmth. This is all in your hands.
From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Two 12/14/13, Lesson 4

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