How Can We Distinguish Between Egoistic Desires And Altruistic Desires?

600.01Question from Facebook: How can we distinguish between egoistic desires that I have and altruistic desires? Very often the ego takes on different forms so it is difficult to understand whether my thoughts and actions are predetermined.

Answer: Altruism is different from egoism only in the fact that you want to be in good relations with others in order to attain the Creator by this good connection. There are no other definitions. Everything else besides the small connection in the group that is aimed at attaining the resemblance to the Creator according to the principle “love thy friend as thyself” is egoism.

Question: Is altruism good or bad?

Answer: Altruism is the desire to do everything for another person, to determine what he lacks and to fill this deficiency.
From KabTV’s “Answering Questions from Facebook” 3/10/19

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