Will Europe Be Destroyed By Migrants?

431.05Question: In 1989, the walls between East and West Berlin collapsed in Germany. We thought that freedom was coming—Europe without borders!

Today wall after wall is being built. In Europe, Greece and Bulgaria are building a forty kilometer fence on the border with Turkey. Austria has built a wall on the border with Italy, France—a wall in the port of Calais where migrants gather to get to Britain, and 175 kilometers of barbed wire installed on the Hungarian-Serbian border. A five meter stone wall is being built inside the city in Munich to separate the locals from the migrant quarter. Lithuania is putting up a wall on the border with Belarus. This is Europe today.

Do you think it is possible to stop migration?

Answer: We are witnessing the burial of Europe. This continent is as if sinking under water. The proud, free banner of Islam is wavering above it. It is because Islam has this religious banner: “We must take over the world. If not today, then in 100 years, in 200 years, but we have to do it. We are doing this in the name of Allah.”

Then China will come, which will do this for the sake of ruling the world. Therefore, there will be big problems between Islam and China. But I think they will somehow come to an agreement because China has no other ideology than just to govern.

I think that such a development of events is better than an atomic war. Gradually people will understand that it is necessary to live differently somehow. Then Kabbalah will tell us how to do it, how to balance all this diversity, variety, and hatred in the world.

Kabbalah will be able to explain this and bring a common denominator.

Question: Are you saying that in any case the direction will be to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: You have no other way to make it so that egoistic people, initially created with a great egoism, could live with each other and at the same time could get along with the upper, positive force. It will be clearly revealed as an urgent need for connection between people, between countries, between everyone.

Question: Do you think that we need to come to the critical point so that it will really be revealed?

Answer: We are studying that this is how it should be. Humanity must reach the point of recognizing its own insignificance, egoistic character, hopelessness, desperation, and utter futility. In principle, it recognizes this, but for now it can somehow obscure it.

However, when it sees this with its own eyes, so that in front of it or around it there will be the ego will be standing—humanity surrounded by this huge egoistic beast, then they will understand. From the opposite. Egoism itself will show them that they need to move toward the connection.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/26/21

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