Europe Can No Longer Be Saved

419Question: Europe is on the verge of a new migration crisis. They say that such a horror has not been for a long time. Africa is storming European borders, mostly from the sea. For $1,800, you can get from Libya to Italy.

From West Africa, you can get to Spain. There are three times as many migrants there as during the entire previous year. And all this is because Europe still does not have a systematic approach to the issue of immigrants. Either Europe will be washed away by a young wave from Africa or Europe will conduct a real integration of migrants into its environment.

What should be done? What is your opinion?

Answer: These countries will soon be almost gone—neither Italy, nor Spain, nor the entire coast, including the Cote d’Azur, Greece, and so on. The entire strip will be populated by immigrants from Africa.

Comment: They say that this is all because there was no systematic approach to the reception of immigrants.

My Response: They can’t come to an agreement, it’s the united countries of Europe! They can’t unite! They only call themselves that.

Question: Do you think it’s useless to twitch anymore? Or can something be done?

Answer: I don’t know. But this democracy leads to the fact that you do not have the strength and no opportunity to knock on the table and say: “This will work so-and-so!” There is no person who can do it, no government that can do it, because everything is disconnected, everything is like a shagreen skin falling apart. So, I don’t see a future.

All the same, migrants will crawl through all the holes, they will still capture, they will still occupy, and they will demand some benefits and special treatment. And Europe will give up.

Question: That is, such a boomerang is happening now: You have captured us, and now we return to you with this “gift.” But is it still possible to somehow fit them into society, to dilute the cultures? Will children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren be able to accept European culture?

Answer: Immigrants have been in Europe for 20 years. If we are talking about people from Africa, then they have no need to integrate into European culture. They are closer to the Arab culture.

Question: And if you had the opportunity to offer something and you were heard, what would you say? At least a few tips?

Answer: My advice is very simple, and it is for everyone and always—it all depends on the upbringing. We must definitely think carefully about the system of education that would make all the people on Earth real people.

We are one single organism, we are completely dependent on each other. We can’t run away from this. We must attract an upper force to unite us, and not point out to it that it divides us.

Question: So the basis of the education system is what you are saying now? A single organism?

Answer: Yes, and only in this! You don’t need any physics, mathematics, philosophy, or anything else. It doesn’t do anything.

The only thing we need: that we all come from one single root. And then all this will gradually be accepted by everyone. This is a perennial system that must enter humanity.

Question: Should there be a leader who will start this long educational process, so that grandchildren and great-grandchildren suddenly enter this state, which is called a single organism, a single nation?

Answer: Yes. But can you imagine what kind of program they should develop today and how to implement it against what is already there?

Question: But is it possible at least? The sensation is that it’s impossible.

Answer: We always say that the upper force should do everything. The main thing is for a person to tune in, and then it will come from above.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/27/21

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