The Taliban Cannot Be Bribed

547.05Question: Americans have estimated the value of Afghanistan’s undeveloped mineral resources at three thousand billion dollars. There are iron ore, copper, gold, oil, marble, and precious stones there. Lithium and cobalt are metals that are the basis of “green” technologies such as batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines. The world needs them very much.

The Taliban, if they wanted, could become new copper barons, lithium kings, and oil sheikhs. Do you think Afghanistan can turn into such a country?

Answer: I think that one does not interfere with the other. What difference does it make today being the head of a serious international mafia, being a politician, managing production? It is money, and money is everywhere.

And the rest is what? Ideology? They do not allow anyone near their ideology.

Question: Can they be bought with worldly rewards and turned into barons or aristocrats?

Answer: No, because the most important thing for them is their ideological task: for the green banner of Islam to fly over the whole world. They cannot change it. This is the most important thing for them.

Question: Why can’t they be moved from this? Why can’t you buy them?

Answer: Because it is faith. This is this world and that is that world, it is eternity, it is the upper force.

Comment: We always say that we exist in a truly corrupt world.

My Response: Not everything is for sale. They will remain themselves, and they will reformat everyone else for themselves.

Question: Do you think that the rest will format themselves to match them? Because they are weak before them?

Answer: Involuntarily. Of course. Moreover there are small but very serious Islamic groups in almost all countries of the world. That is, they have something to rely on.

Question: Is this a kind of plotted scenario?

Answer: Of course. It is said in the Torah that at the end of the world Islam will spread throughout the world and will reach the state when it will be replaced by the Mashiach (Messiah).

Mashiach is the same Allah, the upper one, who will give humanity connection with the Creator. It is a force that will raise our world from its egoistic existence in the lowest, most disgusting form to unification with the Creator, to similarity to the Creator.

Question: Are we already in this disgusting, low form today? Are we on the edge already?

Answer: No, because we do not feel it. It should be felt by people. A terrible state should manifest itself, but after that comes redemption and ascent.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/2/21

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