The Group Is A Gyrocompass

934A plane has this device called a gyrocompass. It is built upon a constantly rotating gyroscope, it points to the North Pole, and helps aircraft navigate.

For us, the group serves as such a gyrocompass. Other than that, we have no way to navigate. It is like being in a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean and not knowing where to go. The only compass for us is our egoism.

But if we want to aim in the right direction, then we have no compass or gyroscope for that. We have a common boat in which the group is. And because of the fact that we unite with each other despite the resistance of our egoism, we thereby direct ourselves to the Creator whom we do not see and do not feel.

We can keep the direction toward Him only by trying to connect above our egoism. This is the point where we join together, it is that very North Pole, the guiding star. And so we move forward.

Without the group, you will not be able to find your direction among all the forces of nature surrounding you. Therefore, it is said: “Either the group or death.”

If I want to be in the center of the group all the time, where all its desires, intentions, and spiritual goals are focused, then I am correctly directed at the Creator. I have to stick to this center until I discover the upper force in it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/21, Shamati #20 “Lishma (For Her Sake)”

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