We Only Need To Ask

528.03We are trying to get closer and closer to our friends because we understand that if we do not achieve connection, we will not feel anything but this world. We will not escape from the individual perception of reality in which we feel nothing but ourselves.

Instead of the true reality, a person feels, sees, and understands only what is inside him, inside his desire to receive. And this is a picture of this world that is deceptive and opposite of the true reality.

Therefore, we need to understand three things. The first is that without connection between us, we will not be able to feel the upper world. The second is that we will never be able to achieve this connection. And the third is that it is possible only with the help of the upper force, the force of bestowal and unity. To the extent that the upper one gives us His power, we will advance to a connection within which we can feel the spiritual world and the Creator.

And the fact that we do not want to get closer is given to us to help us begin to understand what we lack and what hinders us. And then, in order to reverse this resistance into connection and turn it into its opposite—approaching spirituality—we need prayer.

We need a request to the Creator to turn the force of our egoism, rejection, hatred, passion, pride, ambition, all our aspirations to distance ourselves from others, into its opposite, into connection. The Creator is able to do it! We only need to ask.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/21, Shamati #20 “Lishma (For Her Sake)”

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