Whom To Ask For?

514.02Question: What should I do if I feel a descent? Do I need to ask for myself—for the Creator to raise me up—or ask for my friends so that they do not fall?

Answer: If you ask for yourself, it is not good. You must ask for the group because by falling out of the ten, you deprive it of your support, your participation.

Therefore, you should turn to the Creator: “I ask You to raise me up, help me, guide me, support me, because by this I want to support others.” After all, the most important thing in our work is to find the connection between us.

We exist in an integral world where everything is completely interconnected with all of nature, except for human society. We need to unite it. If you ask for strength and support for yourself to be connected with others, then you will succeed in raising a prayer. Otherwise, no.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference“

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