No Need To Wait For More Suffering

293In the News (The Washington Post): “The head of the World Health Organization warned Monday that the world is on the brink of a ‘catastrophic moral failure’ if wealthier nations don’t ensure the equitable distribution of vaccines to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

“WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has repeatedly warned richer countries against excluding poorer ones by cutting bilateral deals with vaccine suppliers, took his rhetoric up a notch in his opening remarks at an executive board session.”

My Response: But it does show the truth.

Question: Why was it impossible to make a gesture of goodwill? Give poor countries, say, half of the vaccines. Lose profits, but give it to them. Why couldn’t this be done?

Answer: Egoism will not allow it. How can I do this?

This comes in hindsight—because others begin to accuse me, now I have to justify why I did something this or that way.

Question: Even the WHO could not have foreseen this? Or did they not understand what humanity is like?

Answer: They don’t want to understand. They dance to the tune of money.

And when they write later, they also write on the account of the WHO: why didn’t the WHO shout about it, why didn’t it object?

There is nothing to expect from rich countries, from their governments, from their ministries of health! They think only of themselves! And rightfully so! Who will think about them? They think about themselves. They have resources, opportunities, connections, everything. And poor countries do not.

It is the WHO that should think—they are the World Health Organization!

I believe that it should be equal for everyone.

But this is natural, this is our world. Why are we now beginning to resent? Is this only happening now and has never happened before? They know and understand everything very well. They have the numbers, they have everything. And they don’t set any conditions.

Let’s say, 25% of the drugs you buy would go to poor countries. An additional tax.

But who will consider this? No one will go for it—who is this WHO?

Question: You keep saying that humanity and man, one way or another, sooner or later must come to realization of evil: that they are complete egoists. Is this a step toward the realization of evil?

Answer: No, it is not because no one cares about it. No one is sorry. Nobody!

Question: So, what are you counting on when you talk about unification, about connection, about love, all that we should come to? What are you counting on if we are all like this?

Answer: I don’t see that a person has given up anything for another. On the contrary, the more we develop, the tougher and more callous we become: “I will not give up!”

Question: When will the turning point happen? When something in me pops, clicks?

Answer: Not a turning point. It will be so that I will be ready to share something with others as some kind of additional tax. Like what I said about 25%, for example.

I believe that there should be an international government that will deal with such things. There will be a lot of world problems now—climatic and all other kinds. That is, all the problems we had had before that were across states, across zones, and so on, will all be global.

We will clearly see. If there is a fire in Australia, a clear consequence will be flooding in China and Siberia, and so on.

Question: Where does this lead us?

Answer: It makes us feel dependent on each other. That is how we will feel. Only through suffering. There is nothing humanity can do.

Question: When will we come to the state of the world being as one family? Will we be brought to it by suffering? Will we get to such a state after all?

Answer: I think yes, because there is no other way. We must complete the correction of the world. Now we are entering a state where we begin to gradually realize, but very, very gradually and from afar, that we are a common system.

But so far, no one wants to take this into account. Here we need some very special manifestations from nature so that we all realize that we are connected, that we are in one boat and not in continents, and countries, and governments, and nations. This is where we need to take it seriously.

Question: So, will nature offer some kind of follow-up exercise to humanity? And then another one until we realize it? Do you think this is how it will go?

Answer: Yes. This will gradually teach us. As a result, we will understand, we will feel! The main thing is that we feel and not just say that we are one family—such beautiful slogans. And we will feel that we are really one common whole and that we cannot think of one part of humanity without another. Because we will see all of humanity as one organism. You cannot chop-off your hand here and laugh and make carnivals over there.

This should be the feeling we all have.

And it can be instantaneous. When you feel a prick, you instantly understand: “Enough! I agree!”

Everything will be fine.

Question: When?

Answer: Quickly, I hope.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/21/21

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