The Third Wave

283.01Any state can only be corrected by our connection; this is the only means. We again find ourselves in the next wave of the pandemic, which is manifesting and intensifying all over the world. I warned at the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that it would not end quickly. Therefore, I believe that vaccinations should not be neglected.

It is necessary to follow the principle “the doctor is given permission to heal” despite all shortcomings we know about medicine as well as its advantages. Medicine cannot be better than the people for whom it is intended. Doctors are not angels, and all shortcomings that exist in medicine are exactly what we need as uncorrected egoists.

If we were better, we would be cured by other methods, with the help of the light. In the meantime, we have to be treated with the same light but clothed in chemicals. Therefore, you need to listen to the doctors.

Take an example from my teacher Rabash. Every week we would visit a doctor: an ophthalmologist, a dermatologist, an otolaryngologist. He meticulously followed their instructions. And these were traditional doctors, not some miracle healers. He approached this issue very simply, materialistically.

I warned in advance that the coronavirus would not disappear so easily, that it would return. Now there is its second or third wave, and you will see how many more such waves there will be. Therefore, it is worth getting vaccinated: the only way we go together both in material and in spiritual form according to the principle “the doctor is given permission to heal.” The very doctor who belongs to the uncorrected medicine is the most suitable for our uncorrected qualities.

Correct your properties into spiritual ones, and material medicine will also change for the better. But for now, we get what we deserve, one matches the other. And this happens in everything, in any life situation. We will become more corrected, and our world will be corrected. The air, water, and natural conditions will improve, volcanoes and typhoons will subside. It all depends on our internal state.

And this should be approached from a spiritual, not from a material, point of view without inventing your own methods of correction and healing.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/21, “Advance by Overcoming”

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