The Creator Does Not Change His Plans

232.06If the world is in such a critical state, then why would the Creator not ignite a burning interest in the science of Kabbalah in large masses of people to push the world to correction?

The fact is that the Creator organizes the world according to the large egoism that we need to correct. He does not choose desires and does not force them. The system that He created at the beginning of creation; all its conditions unfold and are realized in the course of the entire history.

The Creator is not going to revise and change the action of creation in the middle of the process, and He will not compromise. We are inside the system and we must determine through our own efforts which forces in it should be greater and which should be less, and how to use these forces to bring us to the right connection.

We are not canceling any forces. Everything remains: both evil forces and large egoism. Nothing is destroyed, as we would like. One exists against the other and it is only necessary to increase the power of bestowal relative to the power of reception, the power of good relative to the power of evil. Only in this form will we achieve a balance between these two systems.

And when they gradually come to balance, then between these two, within their correct combination, we will reveal the force of the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #26 “One’s Future Depends and Is Tied to Gratitude for the Past”

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