The Creator’s Trial

Laitman_182_02Every person in this world complains about his life, and of course everyone is right to some degree and perhaps completely. After all, he isn’t the one who puts himself in troubles, his nature, his lack of understanding, and his inability to see the future, in an unpredictable world. So how can we blame a person?

If we look at the fate of every individual and at the way he behaves, we will discover that each of us was born, lives, and dies forcibly. And one’s actions are determined by our set circumstances and attributes, not by our will. So in all things, a person is not free.

And in this case, there is nothing we can demand of him!

But here the true culprit responsible for everything that happens is revealed, the one who has created everything and is also ready to be blamed and judged. Because in the Creator’s trial, with all our accusations and complaints, we will discover His attitude toward us, the reason He created us so small on purpose, and why we are punished by ourselves and by nature. We will learn the purpose of our creation and our fate, why we are born, live, and die in great pain. Eventually we will begin to understand that all our complaints are to our Creator, and it is actually He whom we want to put on trial!

The only wisdom in the world that can help us is the wisdom of Kabbalah. It clarifies the problem of the mutual relations between a person and the Creator and so it is the main wisdom in the world because there is nothing more important for a person than the clarification of these mutual relations, and actually nothing but that really matters. The reason is simply that there is nothing other than that in nature! The Creator does everything, but is a person is ready to forgive and then to thank Him for what He does to him in order to bring him to the complete state?

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  1. Luminous articles. Many thanks rav Laitman and all.

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