How To Calm The Nature That Has Turned Against Us

200.01Spiritual work can bring inspiration and pleasure even before a person comes to the revelation of the Creator if we inspire each other with the greatness of the goal and the importance of the group on the background of the crisis that we see in the world and the despair and confusion that has fallen over humanity.

If previously there were periods of relative calm and prosperous life when people could travel and have fun, today everyone is in fear for their present and future, and have already gotten used to living under such pressure from nature. Volcanic eruptions, extreme heat and cold, floods, earthquakes, wars, epidemics—it seems that all of nature has turned against us.

I do not remember when during the seventy-five years of my life people have been so worried about their existence as in the last decade.

Previously people were afraid of a world war. However there has never been such a threat from natural disasters, which are much worse than war. After all, we are not able to prevent them through our usual means, but only by correcting the relationship between us. And humanity does not understand this yet.

All the problems that we hear about today and that will soon reach us—hurricanes, heat and cold waves, and earthquakes—are reactions of nature.

Today when humanity has become global and affects the world on a global scale, we have to connect, and we do not do this. By this lack of connection, which should be between us, we influence nature and the Earth, which react accordingly.

Therefore it is time to finally understand that only through our ever more powerful and perfect connection can we calm nature and achieve a beautiful, magnificent life. If not, then nature will teach us by the blows that have already begun.

Therefore we want to help humanity by disseminating the method of correction and explaining what the true cure for all catastrophes, including pandemics and other natural disasters, is. After all, everything comes from nature; the Creator is nature, and everything comes from Him.

And our job is to convey this to people.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/21, Baal HaSulam. Shamati, 20 “Lishma [for Her sake]”

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