Call Upon The Power Of The Creator As Help

627.1When the single structure of the common soul split into male and female, the property that binds them, the property of the Creator, disappeared at the same time. Therefore if we want to unite both parts, we need to invoke a third force, the force of the Creator, to become the glue that connects us to each other.

In our time, families are actively breaking up so that we feel the need for their unification and realize that it is possible only by revealing the Creator. It turns out that all of today’s disintegration is needed in order to understand Him.

Therefore, by uniting and demanding to understand the Creator, we create the correct connection in the family and reveal the Creator between us. That is, the expansion of egoism, its growth, and the disintegration of the family occurs with the purpose of making us feel the need for the Creator who will make peace between us.

Question: But why with such cruel methods?

Answer: These methods are not cruel, but are exactly what happened at the very beginning of creation when the Creator disappeared and left us alone against each other.

And now that we have gone through this story, we see how ready we are to distance from each other: artificial insemination, women here, men there, unisex, you don’t know who and what. We are approaching a state where we will not need each other at all.

All this is necessary in order for us to emerge from the initial state to the realization that we need the Creator to unite us and to be drawn to one another for the sake of His revelation and not for each other’s sake.

The Creator is what glues us together, i.e., the power of love and bestowal is what we lack and what we can find among ourselves if we want.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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