Recognize The Power of Nature Over Us

712.03The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of a system of interconnections between all parts of the universe. Today the world has exhausted its straightforward selfish development where we wanted to study and work in order to achieve wealth, power, and other material values.

Now all these systems are gradually being depleted. And it turns out that we need to look for what nature offers instead of them. We have always worked within the framework of our nature and cannot get away from it. Therefore, we need to understand what its form is now that is manifesting in the world.

Humanity is beginning to comprehend the integral closed whole form of the world. Today, not only Kabbalah, but all other sciences support this attitude toward the world. The only problem is human egoism, which does not agree with this, wants to crush everything under itself, and does not understand that the unfolding integral system is in contradiction with it. Now it must comply with this system according to the law of similarity of properties.

Humanity will be obliged to obey this law. Nature will bend us all, as they say, to oblige. But the whole point is, in what way? Either by realizing its integrity or by suffering.

We need to realize that nature is global and integral, and therefore cannot be broken. We will not break it anyway, but will only destroy the natural environment closest to us, and this will cause us irreparable damage, even harm.

We must recognize the power of nature over us, study it, and act in its likeness, as today, looking at it we invent various devices. Look at what robotics we are creating! Whatever we do, we learn from nature, rather than pushing our understanding of the world. We do not understand it; we ourselves are derivatives of this world.

Egoism is an inert disagreement with the perfection of nature, which is above us, and we ourselves do not understand what forces, connections, laws it controls us with.
From KabTV’s “The Science o fManagement” 6/23/21

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