A Key To The Ascent To The Upper World

75.01Comment: Baal HaSulam says that all of humanity and all of nature that we are a part of is one mechanism in which every cogwheel impacts another. The goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to bring all the cogwheels to a certain balance so not to harm others but to bring them pleasure.

My Response: Imagine billions of cogwheels that do not turn separately but turn as one man in one direction or another at the same time. At the same time! By that a force that raises them is formed. They do not turn separately, but each one turns together with the others and by doing so they begin to feel the Creator who is external to them.

Question: The nations of the world reach a state of bestowing in order to receive, while the nation of Israel, which means people with the points in the heart, i.e., with the question about the meaning of life, work with an intention in addition to that.

Does this mean that by doing so they constantly change their intention and by that dictate the general direction to all the nations of the world? Is there some kind of click? If so, when does it happen? When does the nation of Israel begin to turn everyone in one direction?

Answer: This is not happening yet, but we hope that soon we will be able to do it. This means that all the people who aim at the Creator will attain a state in which they will begin to feel each other and search for the Creator by mutually cooperating between themselves. Then we will succeed in everything. The whole world will feel our mutual harmonious motion and will cling to us and thus turn.

What is more, humanity will begin to gradually exit the mechanical turning and reach the next level, the feeling of the force that is external to the cogwheels, i.e., the level of the Creator. This is called an ascent to the upper world. This is the reason that the key to this level is in keeping the rule of love thy friend as thyself.

This process begins with a personal, individual yearning for this state. If we begin to do it, we will soon reach mutual cooperation between us. We will feel the contact we are in, and how this cooperation raises us, how the Creator stands behind us, and how we already begin to enter His feeling.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/21/19

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