What You Need To Learn From The Example Of The Japanese

733Question: In Japan, the number of suicides has turned out to be greater than the victims of the coronavirus for the whole of 2020. The reason for this is clear: economic difficulties, layoffs from work. The Japanese are very responsible, they have a painful state of responsibility.

Please tell me, what is it? We always talk about the “crown,” [coronavirus] and here there are more suicides in a month than in the entire period of corona.

Answer: The fact is that this is the character of a people who must be tied to some common cultural, historical, national values, and cannot feel free.

There is no freedom for them. They live on a small island to this day. To this day they are cut off from the world at heart.

They can travel, take photos of everything everywhere. But they have not left the mental and psychological development of being isolated on their small islands, in the small archipelago of Japan, plus the defeat in the Second World War with the atomic bomb and so on.

That is, they have a very huge pressure. Working for them is like forgetting. In this they simply find themselves. And now, when no one needs this work, everyone is being fired there.

And they cannot live without it because it is like an umbilical cord to the mother; they are so attached to their work. After all, they have everything at work, and therefore for them if there is no work, then there is nothing to exist for.

Work. When you have to get up, you have to go to work, you come after it, and you have a drink, maybe some glass of your own sake and go to bed. In general, this is your life. There is still a family, but all this is still within the same framework.

I cannot imagine Japan existing in a different rhythm. I cannot imagine why the government doesn’t organize fake jobs for both men and women in order to organize them in this way. After all, a free Japanese is nonsense! That is impossible! You see how they walk, how they drive.

They can’t do it any other way! For them, all these clear lines of conduct are necessary.

Question: This is what we are talking about, the Japanese. But there are a million suicides every year in the world. People commit suicide. Do you think this phenomenon will continue to grow?

Answer: This exists even among animals. Therefore, I believe that when egoism loses the meaning of existence, at any level-animal or higher, it makes a calculation: Is it worth living or not?

Question: But in principle is this a loss of the meaning of life by and large? Is that the whole point?

Answer: Of course, life does not pay for itself.

Question: So in order for a person not to commit suicide, he must have such a meaning of life that is eternal?

Answer: No, not eternal. But at least the pleasure, the fulfillment, I get eventually exceeds the costs. That is, I am left with some kind of positive balance. Otherwise, what is the point of living? Just because I’m afraid of dying? So I’m not afraid.

Question: How do you feel about the fact that there is a suicide gene? They say that American scientists have found 22 suicide genes. If we remember Hemingway, then his father, sister, brother and granddaughter all committed suicide; there were five deaths for three generations.

Does this suicide gene exist?

Answer: Gene I do not know; I am not strong in this matter, but there is a predisposition to this, of course. And the Japanese have it, and there are such peoples, such tribes, such times, and so on.

Question: And how to get out, how to defeat, either this predisposition or the gene?

Answer: Meaning.

Question: Only the search for meaning?

Answer: Only. And how else? Because the meaning of life and its correct implementation are already leading you to a new life. You don’t have to die or imagine anything. You will now see your future world in this life. Please, everything is in front of you. It only depends on the correct implementation.

Question: What is the meaning of life?

Answer: The meaning of life is to change your nature from receiving to giving, from hatred to love, from rejection to drawing closer to others.

And then you will feel a completely different existence in these properties. And it will be the reverse world. You will find fulfillment in filling others. And there will be no disappointment in this. We will come to this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/7/20

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