Five Postulates Of Healing

631.1Question: I have a close friend, and your student, Yura. His brother, Misha, was a healthy, joyful, wonderful guy. And suddenly, at some point, he contracted a disease called Charcot’s disease, a muscle-atrophy. It leads to paralysis, subsequent muscle atrophy, and is considered an incurable disease.

Naturally, this was not easy for Misha. At some point, a man came who had recovered from the last stage of multiple sclerosis. He was given a year to live. The man said to Misha: “Look at me. I will come over for free, and will do everything for free. I will be with you almost all the time, but you must agree to five conditions. And then I will tell you five actions.” Misha readily agreed.

I would love it if you could tell me why these conditions work.

His first condition to Misha was this: “From now on, Misha, you are not sick with this disease but recovering from it.” Is there a prayer when a person enters such a state?

Answer: Of course. The inner confidence that he is moving forward. He is not giving in to this disease.

Question: Does this prayer reach all the way up?

Answer: The inner confidence of a person. Sure. What a person thinks is where he is.

Comment: The second condition. He said: “You, Misha, should stop reading about the disease. Do not watch the news, look at Facebook, or patient forums. Enter another environment.”

My Response: That’s right. It’s the same thing, a continuation of the same idea. It is said very simply: “You are where your thoughts are.”

Comment: Third: “Live for today only. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, but only today, as if this is your only day.”

My Response: Yes. This happens when one is happy. When we are happy, we do not think about the past or the future. We live in the present, and that’s it. It consumes me. It fills me up. Nirvana.

Comment: The fourth. “If something that you must do is hard for you, do it twice.”

My Response: This is good exercise.

Comment: Then he said: “You must have consistency, determination and perseverance. That’s what you have to develop in yourself.” These are the five conditions.

Misha, of course, said: “Yes.” They shook hands. And he said: “Then you must do five actions.”

I would love for you to comment on them. “Every morning, upon getting up, regardless of the state of your mood or health, smile and thank the Creator, the universe, out loud. Mechanically at first. Then, once you get used to it, it will pass through your heart.”

My Response: This is definitely healing.

Question: But if a person does this mechanically. How so?!

Answer: It doesn’t matter! He forces himself.

Question: And if he does not believe in anyone or anything?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. He tries to tune into the utmost positivity.

Question: So he should say: “I thank you, Universe, Nature, the Creator”?

Answer: Yes. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It is all the Creator in whom we exist.

Question: And how to thank?

Answer: “I’m joyful at being able to think about You.” And that’s all, nothing more.

Question: And if the thought creeps in that I am so unhappy, so broken?

Answer: Then come back to the same thought of gratitude again.

Question: And do so all the time? As if I’m training my muscles?

Answer: Yes. Sure. This can be trained.

Question: What is this muscle called? What is this? A spiritual muscle?

Answer: This is the intention.

Comment: Then he said: “Up to half an hour do breathing exercises, exercises of diaphragm breathing.” Why are so many people talking about it? Do these breathing exercises work?

My Response: They affect the whole body. Breathing is a muscular or bodily exercise, the closest to the spiritual. At the same time, a person with the help of breathing totally changes the entire physiology, everything that happens in his body. Proper breathing affects everything.

Comment: Third: “Do at least one conscious, kind action toward someone.”

My Response: Yes. This helps and gives you direction for the whole day. It’s good to start the day.

Comment: Fourth: “Do at least 20 minutes of walking outside the house.” And the fifth: “Do at least half an hour of study. Study, learn something new, preferably get into some science.” Constantly engage in something new.

My Response: Yes.

Comment: Can you imagine, some man comes over who had barely any time left to live, sits there in front of Misha, absolutely healthy, and introduces this program to him.

The most interesting thing is that he says: “If you stop doing this—he feels so himself—you will become sick again.” This is his feeling.

He also said for the future: “The most difficult moment in healing will be when you already feel good and will have to find the strength to continue doing it anyway.”

My Response: True.

Question: What would you advise people who want to come out of such states when they are told that it is almost impossible to come out of it, that it is incurable?

Answer: Kabbalah replaces all this with a single intention of generating good thoughts toward everyone. That’s all. To constantly have good thoughts toward all people! This is how you heal yourself.

Question: Can someone who’s suffering or sick do this?

Answer: I think these are the people who need it the most. But if everyone could, we would have a healthy world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/12/20

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