Will The Real Conspiracy Be Revealed?

738Comment: It seems that nature has clearly started to choke us from all sides.

It scorches us on the ground with forest fires in Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Siberia, America, Australia, and in Canada where cities are practically burned down.

At the same time, scientists warn that from 2021 to 2050, heat peaks will occur up to seven times a year, which means fires are possible almost seven times a year. And from 2050 to 2080, the heat peaks are projected to happen 21 times a year.

We are also flooded from above. Look at what happened in Germany, Belgium, India, China, and London! Hail the size of tennis balls pummeled Italy.

And from the inside, viruses get to us and mutate.

Humanity everywhere looks for conspiracies. It seems that there is a conspiracy of nature against us.

My Response: Nature is an overall picture, it is one global system. We think the hail has passed and that’s it. No! If we throw nature out of balance, then we must take everything into account.

Question: Will it come from all angles?

Answer: Yes. But there are no biological pests yet like those written about in the ten plagues: frogs, lice, and so on. I am saying that we should expect this.

Question: But humanity sees the reason for all this in global warming, in the fact that we are destroying the environment, and so on. What is your opinion?

Answer: I have even stopped speaking about it. Not because I am tired—I cannot get tired—but because it is a problem, it is a disease that does not go away.

On other hand, the more you talk, the less people listen to you. I would like some kind of a result. I do not know how to open the hearts of modern people. They do not want to listen and that’s it!

That is, we have reached such a level of egoism. I do not blame anyone! I understand where this comes from. All this comes from our egoism, which was created by the Creator. Therefore, I do not know what else we can do. I mean the Kabbalists who still want to convey their opinion to the people.

In the chain of nature, people are at the highest level: still, vegetative, animate, and man. At the degree of man, we simply destroy nature. Why?

Because at the degree of man we are not in good relations with each other, this projects the same attitude to all the other lower degrees: animate, vegetative, and still. This means we do not want to be in a good relationship with each other and nature does not want to be in a good relationship within itself and with us.

This causes the imbalance of the entire system of nature. This imbalance is felt not by all sorts of primitive elements or creatures, but mainly by highly organized ones, such as people. As we are at the highest degree, we are affected the most. We are the most vulnerable and sensitive.

An essential law of nature, which has not yet been discovered by people, is that we create this imbalance, and it returns to us. In principle it seems to be so easy to grasp.

Comment: So many laws have been discovered, so many scientists, Nobel prizes…

My Response: You will not do anything with Nobel Prizes. We just need to consider carefully that we are in integral nature, in an integral system. And we must take this into account.

And relationships between us are the strongest, the most defining, the highest, and the most acute in this system.

Question: Can we reach a good connection?

Answer: We can if we want to, if we are convinced that it is necessary. Then we can. There is a way, there is a method, there is everything. But there is not even awareness of this. First there must be awareness: “Yes, it is necessary, it is necessary. There is nothing to do. Well, okay, we have to, we must. Show us how. We agree to listen.” And so on. There is no such thing! It is dismissed long before that.

Question: Will humanity come to this? Do you see this? You often have this answer, it will come via suffering.

Answer: So it is written: either by the way of light or by the way of suffering. We understand that these two paths exist. But the path of light means enlightenment. This is a fast, easy, and kind way. And it leads to the need to still make a decision and act, meaning, to get closer to each other, to remove egoism, to act like a human being to each other.

And the path of suffering is a long but reliable path. As it comes from nature, we will not run away anywhere. And now nature introduces it. The good path must come from us, and the path of suffering comes from nature. But we must try to overtake nature. I have nothing more to say.

Let’s hope that people will get wiser after all.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/29/21

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