Why Nature Is Called The Creator

226Question: Your work Basic Concepts of Kabbalah describes in great detail the methodology that brings one closer to the Creator.

But, many modern managers and supervisors are quite far from the concept of the Creator and His influence over our reality. Could there be a fundamentally different approach here?

Answer: Let’s not call all this the Creator but nature. It’s the same thing. The Creator is what we call the upper governance because it is not devoid of consciousness in the sense that it has its own purpose or its own plan. So we say, “This is the upper force, the Creator.” After all, He has a plan, a program that is clearly executed. In every other regard you can simply call it “nature,” a vast, perfect nature that controls each of its parts and propels them to attain its perfection.

Therefore, we can remove the terms “Creator” and “Kabbalah,” and write it in absolutely clear, technical, scientific terms.

I would be very happy about this because I do not consider myself a religious person because Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion or Judaism, it talks about nature. A lot of Kabbalists were from various nations of the world.

In contrast to the attitude to nature that exists in science, here the attitude to nature is that is has a plan, a goal, and the forces of the implementation of this plan. That is why we call nature the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference About the Science Of Management”

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