Nature Is One

709Question: Any system known to us goes through four phases of development: birth, flourishing, withering, and death. Now we are at the beginning of the creation of the spiritual foundations of management based on the principles of Kabbalah. Is it possible to create some prerequisites or foundations for another system of development? Or is it a law of nature that we cannot escape?

Answer: The fact is that an integral system of complete interconnection, including people, mind, feelings, absolutely everything, exists in nature at the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human degrees.

However, in relation to humans, we do not perceive nature as integral, eternal, infinite, and perfect because we perceive it in our egoistic sensory organs. Therefore, we see our world as disconnected and distant, and we judge everything that happens through our egoistic qualities.

As soon as we begin to connect, we will reveal nature in its true integral form, and it will appear to us in a completely different way. To the extent that we correct ourselves, we will also see nature corrected. But we do not need to correct it, we will simply discover it for ourselves corrected in our senses. After all, our states are absolutely subjective.

The only thing we need to change is the perception of reality, the perception of a person, and then we will see that outside of us nature is absolutely integral.

In fact, it is one! There is no need to divide it into different sciences and different approaches. We distinguish stages and formations in it only relatively to our limited understanding.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference about the Science of Management”

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