How Can You Get Peace Of Mind?

294.4Question: Now a person lives a thousand lives in one life, one is constantly within some process, with nerves on edge, constantly worried about something. How can you find relative peace of mind or balance?

Answer: Isolate yourself from the mass environment, get closer to people who have some special goal that you accept as important, fundamental. In accordance with this, determine your behavior, your life, and its purpose.

This is exactly what Kabbalah says and tries to show a person how to do.

Question: Is it possible to isolate yourself from the world, from the masses?

Answer: What can they give you? It depends on how you look at them.

If I look at everything that is happening around me as some kind of noise, so what? There are such fluctuations, nothing more. As the prophet said: “Calm down, calm down people.”

Comment: There is even a theory of absolute noise when a person is a filter that can pull out of the noise only what is beneficial for his development.

My Response: This is already serious work. In Kabbalah it is mandatory.

Question: Based on this, what should a person who is entering such a state do? Suppose we are talking about some kind of spiritual development of a person, maybe his initial, gradual first steps. What should he do when literally everything annoys him?

Answer: If a person studies Kabbalah, then this period passes. Moreover, he is gradually becoming different. He perceives everything as emanating from the Creator, from the upper force, and therefore, refers to it as a necessity that he must experience. Therefore, he can submit to it, accept it, and move on.

Question: In principle, is there such a state as a submission?

Answer: Absolutely. If it comes from above, what can you do? There is nothing you can do. At first, you perceive it as hopelessness, and then you accept it with joy and pleasure.
From KabTV’s: “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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