Lie Down And Disconnect

281.02Question: The culture of “tang ping,” a passive lifestyle without stress and careerism, is gaining popularity among Chinese youth.
“Tang ping” means “lie down and switch off.” This is a salvation from the pressure of society, which pushes young people to look for work, to work hard and to build a career, as is customary in China.

The term “tan ping” was used by the author of a post who wrote that he has not worked for the last two years and does not see this as a problem. Instead of chasing success, he decided to just “lie down.”

Do you say that this is not always bad?

Answer: This is not bad. It is best to realize—What exactly do you want? For what? Why? And only after that, if it is really worth it for you and the world—so that you do not burn fuel, so that you do not pollute the air—carefully calculate what the meaning is of your work. Do you harm the environment, including still, vegetative, animate, and human nature, society, and so on?

And after that, do this work. Figure out: what can be the result of your work. Then you will see that maybe doing nothing is really the best thing to do for all mankind. And even the fact that you exist and consume some calories is not important. You are not causing damage.

Question: But how will I provide for my family?

Answer: We will provide for you. If we do not produce excess, but only what is necessary for all of us, for all of humanity, it will be enough for us to get off the couch and leave our phone, or even not leave it, for an hour a week—a week! And everything will be fine.

Question: Will there be something to eat and a roof to live under?

Answer: Absolutely everything will be there for you. Stop all these ships and steam locomotives that dart around the world and deliver all kinds of rubbish that no one needs. Only those who make money need these pieces of paper, and then they throw them into nowhere.

Question: When you say that a person should live as necessary, does this not mean an equalization, which we have already gone through some time ago?

Answer: Equalization is when it is being imposed on you. And I don’t care., I don’t compare myself with anyone. I am not afraid that I will have the same as my neighbor. I don’t look at the fact that I have the same furniture, the same food, the same clothing—it doesn’t matter.

Question: Why do I live so that I don’t watch others? What has changed in me?

Answer: Because I have my world, internality, that I live in. And therefore I do not feel that someone is suppressing me. On the contrary, they provide me with conditions. The environment, society, all of us together provide each other with conditions for internal development. And it doesn’t require calories.

Question: When such an understanding enters, will it automatically reduce everything to the necessary, and will the necessary be enough for me?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/10/21

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