Lazy People Make The World Go Round

565.02Question: Some scientists say that when we are bored, the brain goes into a mode of operation where it can connect events or ideas that would never have come together if we were not bored, and that this fosters creativity.

If Newton hadn’t been locked up by the plague, if he hadn’t been so bored, he probably would not have had time to watch an apple fall and create his own law of universal gravitation. Out of boredom, Einstein tied together the concepts of time and space. And so on.

When we are bored, we dream. We are, as it were, cut off from the real rational world and this allows us to connect things that seemed impossible to connect. What do you think about this paradox?

Answer: It is good to be bored, I have no doubt. In general, the world moves thanks to lazy people. That is what is paradoxical.

Lazy people move the world ahead. Because they have nothing to do, they are not burdened with anything, they are not pressured, and if they are pressured, there is little sense. And that is why they are very good at coming up with such ideas and generally doing everything the way they want for the sake of boredom.

Question: Thus, boredom makes us actually build a brighter world?

Answer: Yes, because we are building it not based on our egoistic needs, but really just out of boredom.

If we did everything like that, can you imagine what would have happened? We would never invent any bombs or anything that would harm us.

Because out of boredom you would do something easy that would support humanity.

Question: And would there be enough food for humanity?

Answer: Of course!

Question: That is, in principle, do you think that a lazy person could invent such means of production that everything would be enough for everyone?

Answer: Lie on the sofa (be a couch potato) and everything is fine.

Question: Do you know how many people disagree with you?

Answer: They will not agree because they drove themselves into such a physical world where everything depends on rigid egoistic connections with each other. Where everything is built not on helping each other, but on interfering with each other. And these frictions, impossibilities, and misunderstandings create such hindrances in relations between us that we probably spend 99% of our efforts overcoming frictions. And this process makes no sense.

Question: Is that why there is hard work, hard labor?

Answer: Of course. Therefore, there is a curse in the Torah: “In the sweat of your brow you will earn your bread.” Why? Because you will wade through selfishness.

And if you had not awakened this power, it was said to the so-called first man, then you would have lived in paradise.

Therefore, I very much welcome the new generation, because this is indeed a generation of lazy people. They don’t want anything! “You give me a slice of pizza, a glass of cola, and my phone.” And that’s all. How much does a person need? See how easy it is? And everything else is inside, in it.

Question: Is there a whole world in it? And really worthy of respect?

Answer: This is a world built on connections. Of course, the connections are shallow. But still, they will provide an opportunity to be connected at high levels. I’m sure it will.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/10/21

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