Neither Me For You Nor You For Me

550Question: When the Creator wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham tried to protect them. What is this relationship that is called Sodomite rule: mine is mine and yours is yours?

Answer: Mine is mine and yours is yours, is an absolutely anti-altruistic relationship, although it is not a crime, there is not a quality of egoism in its true, vivid form.

However, with such a relationship, I cannot correct anything. Therefore, this quality is indicated in the Torah as very opposite to the Creator and as necessary to get rid.

Question: But for our egoism is this the most comfortable state?

Answer: No, it is not comfortable for egoism because you do not take from the other. You say: “Yours is yours, mine is mine.” I am not touching you, you are not touching me.

Comment: Then we would exist without wars, without any conflicts.

My response: But it is precisely due to the fact that such a state is a complete dead-end, not me for you nor you for me;  we are not together in any way. Thus to remain in this state means no correction at all. Therefore, this tool is not ready for achieving the goal. After all, the purpose of creation is to unite everyone.

The quality of Sodom in a person is opposite to the plan of creation. Therefore, the Creator destroyed these cities.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/11/21

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