Useful Laziness

564Question: Scientists believe that laziness is one of the most useful qualities. They have proven that laziness improves health, makes us more productive, increases creativity, protects the brain from overload, improves concentration, boosts health, and prolongs life.

How do we fight laziness and should we fight it at all?

Answer: We are developing in an on-going technical and psychological evolution. As a result, with our technology and the latest means of communication, we are binding ourselves more and more and working non-stop.

This was not so before. On the contrary, most of the time people spent at home in their villages, engaged in many other activities. Even the common person did not work from dawn to dusk.

It all started in the nineteenth century with the development of steam engines and other technical innovations. It turns out that the more we can invent, the more we work, harnessing ourselves to a cart that we have to pull ourselves. This is wrong.

A person should work less. He should sit by the fire as in ancient times (figuratively speaking), dance in the meadow, visit friends and relatives, spend most of the time in all sorts of home or social events, and have time to relax. But in any case, do not devote all your time to work that no one needs, which is done only to add zeros to someone’s account.

Therefore, it is not bad to be lazy, it’s even beneficial.

Question: Is there such a thing as laziness in the spiritual development of a person?

Answer: Yes, we welcome it very much. Spiritual laziness helps a person not to do anything superfluous, otherwise it leads the whole world to destruction. Therefore it is said: “Sit instead of standing. Stand instead of walking,” and so on. That is, laziness is useful. Less movement leads to fewer problems.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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