The Life Of The Future Generation

278.03Question: How can we convey information about the integral force and integral society to the kind of people who do not need spiritual work as such, but nevertheless, will exist in the society of the future?

Answer: I am sure that humanity will be divided into tens because this is the optimal form of teaching and uniting people. Thus, all people will be provided with integral education and will be able to perceive nature through the ten on the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself.

This is the principle not just of good relationships, but of changing everyone’s perception of the world. Therefore, all people will be able to understand what kind of world they are in, in which nature is one single system. Today we talk about it theoretically, but in practice, we do not feel it this way because everyone lives in their own egoistic individuality.

Just as there are people in the material world who are engaged in the theory of information and control and those who work in simple jobs and do not know anything about it, so there will be people who are interested in understanding the upper system of governance and the global integral nature in general.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that all of mankind will gradually pass through the stage of rising to the correct perception of reality. Then we will be able to really build our life in accordance with how we will perceive it. This will be the life of the corrected generation where we all understand our existence as an integral whole in an integral nature and will build our lives in accordance with it.

Moreover, this life will be completely different from the material one because at the same time we will perceive a different reality beyond time, space, and any egoistic restrictions that dictate our reality to us today.
From KabTV’s: “The Science of Management”

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