When Will We Replace Lawmakers With Robots?

552.03In the News (CNBC): “More than half of Europeans want to replace lawmakers with AI, study says”

My Response: That’s the best. Let the robots run us.

Question: Indeed, the less competent, the more corrupt, the more robots and artificial intelligence they want. Install a chip, replace the oil, add some more, and that’s it. How do you like this idea, seriously?

Answer: I am in favor. Replace the corrupt so-called people’s representatives with a machine: I am for it.

But even there, of course, they will find all sorts of loopholes for how to get around. They will begin to bribe the people who serve this intelligence, the administrators.

Question: So you don’t think it will work?

Answer: No, egoism will find loopholes everywhere.

Comment: A robot does not need to build villas and homes, it cannot be bribed.

My Response: You will build villas and cottages for others. This is not going anywhere.

Question: You cannot get away from fixing it?

Answer: No. In principle, I, of course, would be in favor of this kind of change. But that’s not possible. Egoism is a cancer, a cancerous tumor, and the kind that can’t be compared to anything else. It lives everywhere and in everything.

Comment: It feels like you can’t beat it.

My Response: You can’t win. Egoism? No way! When we are convinced that we cannot defeat it, then we raise our hands up.

Question: When you explain the connections between us and talk about love, “love your neighbor…,” do you still somehow understand that all these efforts will lead to the fact that a person will reveal evil?

Answer: Yes. Let us strive for the good so that we can understand that we cannot achieve it. And then we’ll have to find a way out.

Question: So, in one way or another, is it impossible to achieve it in our earthly conditions?

Answer: In no way. In our methods, our forces, our nature, it is impossible.

Question: So, one way or another, we build everything with egoism?

Answer: No matter how you assemble and do it, you will always get a machine gun.

Question: So we will not replace the government officials with artificial intelligence, egoism cannot be defeated?

Answer: No, it can be replaced, and we will see what transformation will happen with this. You can run away in all directions, but you will still find that egoism will find a loophole, somewhere everyone is trying to bribe it, and thus, it continues to rule over us.

Question: And your conclusion?

Answer: Only to turn to its Creator, to the Creator of egoism, to the Creator, because the Creator created it! Egoism is the greatest force of nature, which controls everything, keeps everything within itself. Turn to the Creator, He will correct your egoism!

It depends only on our desire.

Question: Does it matter that we do not see the Creator and do not feel Him?

Answer: No, it doesn’t matter. You ask Him to take it away.

Question: So the main task is to hate egoism?

Answer: Yes.
From the TV program “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/31/21

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